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Core Values


Christ-centred & Trinitarian

Our God is revealed consistently throughout the Bible as a communal relationship of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ, the Son, is the means through which the triune God chooses to reveal Himself and His plan for salvation.

relational & incarnational

Our God is a relationship, and He has chosen to become one of us. He has also invited us to join His family. We are therefore committed to relationship as a primary means both for equipping those who will use the resources, and discipling those who respond.

a new house

Through the Biblical history, Al Massira builds a new house from foundation upwards, showing both the structure and consistency of God’s revelation. A chronological journey through Old and New Testaments is used to reveal the nature of God and the person and work of Jesus Christ. No attempt is made to dismiss other belief systems and no comparisons are made with other religious sources.

new voiceS

Al Massira is developed by believers who have grown up amidst Muslim-majority worldviews. It equips believers to share the good news and disciple the church. It does this by responding to the historical and current questions that challenge the followers of Jesus today. New voices reveal God through timeless theology.

a safe and open space

The resource encourages the creation of a safe place where friends can share their opinions and enjoy open discussion. In this space they are not put under pressure to agree or accept a particular point of view. It also encourages participants to tell their stories and ask their questions. It expects the Holy Spirit to reveal to each person truth appropriate to where they are on their journey.


Al Massira encourages sustainability through all areas of its operations beginning with local ownership of the vision and values, and a local commitment to team building. Al Massira values strong and inclusive partnerships with local churches and church networks, in order to develop teams that are self-governing, self-propagating and self-financing.


As God’s nature is revealed as an intimate partnership, so Al Massira, from its inception, has been a close partnership of Christians from different ethnic, cultural and denominational backgrounds. Al Massira brings people together from different backgrounds and seeks to demonstrate a model of unity in diversity in fulfilling Jesus’ Great Commission.