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Latin America


    “My wife and I had the opportunity to understand that one of the most valuable things for those who want to share about Christ and for those who are going to know him is to understand that things have always had an order, a beginning and an end.

    One of our passions is chronological teaching, which even transformed our lives radically, even when we listened to it being believers for years! Al Massira was a great benefit to us. Now we have a great tool (not only in video, but in experience) to present in a clear and explicit way, taking into account the worldview of our friends, the transforming power of Jesus.”

    Costa Rica

      “Al Massira has reformulated my way of understanding the Messiah.

      From my Christian-Latin worldview, I had slightly forgotten the incredible story of the road to Emmaus. How prophecies can clearly and consistently guide us to the person of Jesus, regardless of our cultural or religious context; because following the signs, prophecies and historical facts of the Jewish people the identity and purpose of the Messiah, called the Lamb of God, becomes evident.

      Now it is a basic tool that I use in my life to reinforce my foundations, I also share it with young Christians to educate ourselves in the steps of Jesus and clearly, with people who do not yet know him, with the hope that his Truth will be revealed to them, such as when they walked to Emmaus and their hearts burned within them (his disciples​).”


        “One person is using the films in the private school (Lebanese Christian school) where he teaches Religious Education – during the Religious Education lessons.”