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United Kingdom

    “It seems that the films are answering or touching on questions that really matter. Having a WhatsApp group for discipleship means that the low-resolution version of the film can be shared, and the participants are thankful for this. It also means that conversation can continue through the week. We have an English team of 6, two of whom have been on the Al Massira training.”


      “Our church has run 7 AM groups so far with 100 refugee attendees – so far 34 have been baptised.”

      United Kingdom

        “Finished Al Massira course this afternoon. Wow…. much better understanding of what it is all about, fantastic material and program you provide.”


          “The class has been AMAZING!!! 10x better than I expected it to be and I knew it was going to be good!

          The AM Trainer was a great facilitator, and I cannot say enough good things about the class!!! I told my husband that I haven’t been in a Bible study this good in a long time and that isn’t even what it was designed to be.”


            “My wife and I had the opportunity to understand that one of the most valuable things for those who want to share about Christ and for those who are going to know him is to understand that things have always had an order, a beginning and an end.

            One of our passions is chronological teaching, which even transformed our lives radically, even when we listened to it being believers for years! Al Massira was a great benefit to us. Now we have a great tool (not only in video, but in experience) to present in a clear and explicit way, taking into account the worldview of our friends, the transforming power of Jesus.”

            Costa Rica

              “Al Massira has reformulated my way of understanding the Messiah.

              From my Christian-Latin worldview, I had slightly forgotten the incredible story of the road to Emmaus. How prophecies can clearly and consistently guide us to the person of Jesus, regardless of our cultural or religious context; because following the signs, prophecies and historical facts of the Jewish people the identity and purpose of the Messiah, called the Lamb of God, becomes evident.

              Now it is a basic tool that I use in my life to reinforce my foundations, I also share it with young Christians to educate ourselves in the steps of Jesus and clearly, with people who do not yet know him, with the hope that his Truth will be revealed to them, such as when they walked to Emmaus and their hearts burned within them (his disciples​).”


                “Last week after watching the David episode, a new believer confessed how God has blessed him through the story. – how God chose David, an imperfect man, and used him.  He said, ” Before now I get discouraged and think that God will give up on me due to many ups and downs in my life. But since God used David despite his weakness as king & prophet, then I am encouraged and now have reason to go on and not give up! Another young man said he repeatedly heard Christians asking the Lord to forgive their many sins and was always confused and thought he was deceived to believe that God has forgiven him all his sins. He said this kept him seriously worried and doubtful until he watched the David episode, and saw how God restored his relationship through David’s prayer of true repentance. He is now much more confident and believes in the true forgiveness from God.”


                  “We were studying the Mary episode and we asked the question, “What is the significance of the name Emmanuel?” One lady said: “If it means that because of Jesus God is with us then it’s all coming together for me.” She said ” all our sin is on Him, He is the Lamb of God, He did this for us – that is why God is with us!”


                    “We had a very special time on Saturday, learning about the Messiah and God the Father. There were only four of us, allowing each person to share from their heart, and to ask any questions which were on their minds. At the end of the evening, we had a little birthday celebration for one of the girls.  She wrote this to me afterwards:

                    “When I was blowing the candles I asked God to saturate our lives with his presence. This is the only treasure that will never end – and such a light never goes out which will bring an endless hope in our hearts. To make it short, he is enough and with his presence all is well.” 

                    I’ve never heard a more beautiful birthday wish. This is the heart of these friends.”


                      “One person is using the films in the private school (Lebanese Christian school) where he teaches Religious Education – during the Religious Education lessons.”