June 2020

North Africa

“My friend was a refugee from ISIS – his appetite for reading and studying the Bible was great and he had a great hunger to speak to God during the AM group. We were talking about how the characteristics of God are consistent in the episode on Noah’s Ark. The earth had only eight individuals, and despite their small number, they adhered to what was spoken to them and decided to be faithful with God. So I asked do you accept this? – and here he prayed with me to accept God’s work, which he arranged for his salvation, and asked God to give him strength to go further in his understanding.”


“Since I went through the Al Massira Group Leaders Training in 2018, my understanding of the Holy Scriptures has been broadened and greatly expanded. I now have a better view of the Bible and many of the passages that were hitherto shrouded in obscurity to me. Now I have a clearer understanding of what the Word says in many situations and I am better led in my life than ever before. All this and more, thanks to Al Massira.”


“I’m doing a ski chaplaincy in the French Alps and I’m watching the DVD’s in French with a French speaking man from Africa – so I’ve had to brush up my French. We showed him the first session and he loved it!  He’s the bouncer at an apres ski bar and is so excited with Al Massira and wants to show all his family.”